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Here at Arne Dahl's official site there is a lot of deepening information and calenders. If you, however, require more immediate contact with Arne Dahl, and more contemporary information, please visit the Arne Dahl multilingual Facebook page.


German-Austrian Tour, spring 2014!

Now the tour in March is set. Arne Dahl will have readings in the following cities:

14.03: Gütersloh

15-16.03: Leipzig

17.03: München

18.03: Schweinfurt

19.03: Salzburg

20.03: Stuttgart

More precise information here!


Happy New Year 2014!

Arne Dahl is right now busy writing his fourth novel in the Opcop series,  due to be published in Sweden in June,  but he will be travelling around to meet readers in Sweden, Finland, Italy, USA and the UK. More info in the Calendar section. (For dates in Sweden, see the Swedish website). 

Regarded as one of the finest literary crime writers in Scandinavia, celebrated author, critic and editor Arne Dahl is the man behind the bestselling Intercrime (A-team) series. The highly praised series has sold more than 2.5 million copies and has won its creator such distinguished awards as the premier crime writing awards in Germany, Denmark and Sweden.


Bad blood was the second Arne Dahl crime novel to be published in UK/Ireland, US, Australia and New Zealand, following The Blinded Man (Misterioso). 

Now its time for the third novel in the series: To the Top of the Mountain is due to be published in June 2014 (UK/Ireland). 






Arne Dahl’s Misterioso, Bad Blood, To the Top of the Mountain, Europa Blues and Many Waters were made into five 180-minute films (2011-2012) which were aired all over the world. In total, they have been sold to more than 40 countries. The television series was nominated for the International TV Dagger 2013 by  the Crime Writers Association (UK). The Arne Dahl TV was a great success on BBC4! 

More information about the series in the TV Series / Films section.



Neid - February 17th in Germany


Arne Dahl''s latest crime novel Zorn in the second book series about the OpCop team quickly climbed the bestseller list in Germany. Bußestunde, the tenth and last of the Intercrime / A Unit series premiered at number 9  on the Spiegel bestseller list for hardcovers. 

Now it's time for the third book in the Opcop-series: Neid, due to be published in Germany on February 17th. Reserve your copy here! 





Talk to Arne Dahl! 

The international Arne Dahl fan page on Facebook presents news about the crime novels, TV series and all upcoming readings and other tour dates. The page is run by Arne Dahl himself. If you have any questions for him, this is the place to be!



Oxford Literary Festival
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German-Austrian Tour, March 2014
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Nordicana, London
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UK Events in September
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Bloody Scotland
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