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Arne Dahl – Award-winning Swedish crime fiction writer.

Regarded as one of the finest literary crime writers of Scandinavia. A Swedish award-winning author, critic and editor, Dahl is the creator of the bestselling Intercrime series and Opcop quartet. His books have sold more than 4 million copies, and been translated into 32 languages. For his eminent authorship, Dahl has been awarded the premier crime writing awards of Germany, Denmark and Sweden. In 2016 he began his new series about detectives Sam Berger and Molly Blom.

Arne Dahl is one of the true greats of Scandinavian crime fiction.

Mark Billingham

Arne Dahl is possibly the most thoughtful and playful contemporary Nordic crime writer. He also happens to be one of the most thrilling

Ian Rankin

Arne Dahl has created a school of his own within the Swedish crime writing tradition. He combines global intrigue with intelligence, suspense, and genuine literary quality.

Lars Kepler