For readings and events in- and outside Sweden, contact the PR and communications division at the local publisher in your country – or Arne Dahl’s international literary agent: Salomonsson Agency.


Arne Dahl would love to hear from you! 


Arne Dahl is posting photos from his everyday life as  @arne_dahl, as well as mentions from you if you tag him in your stories!


Connect directly with Arne Dahl through his Facebook page

The international Arne Dahl fan page on Facebook presents news about the crime novels, TV series and all upcoming readings and other tour dates. The page is run by Arne Dahl himself. If you have any questions for him, this is the place to be!  

English, German or Swedish are the preferred languages of Arne Dahl.He will answer all your questions personally.


Arne Dahl sends out small messages to readers using Twitter as @arne_dahl. He posts small news messages,  personal reflections as well as some re-tweets of other people writing stuff about him.


Or … send an e-mail: (not for urgent matters)